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AI is transforming our world.

We’re transforming businesses with simpler smarter vision AI.


Computer vision application solution provider

IBT Corp., Ltd operates at the forefront of computer vision technology, specializing in the development and deployment of computer vision and machine vision solutions. We are driven by the vigor of youth, powered by passion, and bound by unwavering dedication to professionalism. Our grand vision is to not only meet but surpass customer expectations, offering superior quality products, innovative implementation solutions, industry-specific expertise, and cutting-edge technology. Our commitment is to deliver the utmost satisfaction to our valued customers.

Computer Vision Applications

  • OEE Solutions (MES)
  • Face recognition solution
  • Intelligent self-propelled robot
  • Building management solutions

IBT.EKYC - Smart Authentication

  • Document verification
  • Detecting real people
  • Match match
  • Verify trusted information

Commercial & Industrial Services

  • Sensor
  • Electronic components
  • Hand-held
  • Consumable supplies

Our dream


To help create a world without waste.


Empowering the worldwide embrace of digital eyes.


How we work

Business Philosophy

At IBT Corp., Ltd, we are dedicated to perpetual self-improvement. This commitment extends beyond our professional work to enhance the well-being of every employee. Through this dedication, we elevate the quality of customer service.

Company Culture

Our company culture revolves around prioritizing customer interests above all. We diligently safeguard our employees’ interests, pay heed to the concerns of our shareholders, and actively contribute to the betterment of our community.

Customer Relationships

At IBT Corp., Ltd, our unwavering commitment is to maximize customer satisfaction. We achieve this by offering optimal products and services, imbued with numerous conveniences, all at competitive costs. Our focus is always on exceeding customer expectations

Cooperate with each other

Strategic Business Partnerships

CMC Corporation is the second largest ICT corporation in Vietnam

CMC Corporation is the second largest ICT corporation in Vietnam with more than 26 years of establishment and development. CMC has affirmed its position in the market of Vietnam and many countries around the world through its core business activities in 3 areas: Technology & Solution, Global Business and Telecommunications. In Vietnam, CMC is well known as a reliable partner in medium and large ICT projects in the fields of Government, Education, Tax, Treasury, Customs, Insurance, Electricity, Banking, Finance and Enterprises. In fiscal year 2018, accumulated revenue of the Group reached nearly 260 million USD, profit before tax reached more than 13 million USD. Recently, CMC has just launched the C.OPE2N ecosystem (CMC Open Ecosystem for Enterprises) which helps businesses and organizations to digitally transform successfully. CMC set its ambition to become a billion-dollar company by 2023.

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