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VisionX – Image/video analysis and processing platform

We focus on providing comprehensive solutions for computer vision in smart building management (smart building), smart city management (smart city). Solutions for security control, access, tracking & intrusion detection… through facial recognition technology.


VISIONX – Accurate and fast facial recognition technology solution

  • The accuracy when wearing a mask is 98.95%.
  • Accurate identification in less than 300ms with a database of 1,000,000 IDs.
  • Small error temperature test.

The Era Of Digital Trasformation

In the era of Digital Transformation, technology is increasingly perfecting its ability to solve user needs. Not only meeting the facial recognition problem, the VISIONX system is also the optimal solution with an accuracy of over 99% in less than 300ms.
Building security is always a top concern for management units.
VISIONX is an optimal solution that thoroughly applies artificial intelligence algorithms. The solution is capable of monitoring, detecting abnormal behavior, searching for schedules and automatically identifying objects each time they appear in the camera frame. All alarm data is updated continuously in real time, ensuring safety and security 24/7.

Ready to see how we can enhance security in your Smart City?

Solution to ensure data storage safety, combined with edge processing

The solution ensures the safety of data storage, combining edge-computing and flexible on-premise/cloud processing, allowing to completely solve the requirement for accuracy, speed, and reduce the line bandwidth.

Search for suspects through facial images or descriptive features with high accuracy.

VISIONX Features

VISIONX is an image/video analysis platform applied in smart building and smart city management using artificial intelligence algorithms on the basis of big data sources. The solution helps to solve 3 core problems: Safe Cities, Smart Buildings and Smart Commerce.

Improve customer service and experience:

Onboard more customers—both remote and onsite—successfully through a seamless, fast, and reliable process powered by advanced document and biometric verification.

Security control in the building lobby:

Take advantage of AI-powered cross-checks and make sure fraudsters can’t access your service. Regula performs face matching and analyzes the data from the visual zone, MRZ, RFID chips, barcodes, and holograms for any inconsistencies.

Optimizing time and cost for control in/out:

Identify your customers with the help of the world’s largest document template database, which contains national IDs, passports, driver’s licenses, and more.

Security control inside the building:

Get rid of time-consuming and error-prone manual registrations. The advanced OCR technology instantly processes embossed, engraved, typed or printed text, and automates entry of over 600 data types.

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