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Advanced Visitor Management System

Tailor check-ins and streamline visitation.

Upgrade your access protocols and offer employees and guests an enhanced entry experience. Our visitor management system provides frictionless access and requires no engagement at all.

Whether your visitors come sporadically or on a daily basis, personalize the entry and access permissions for every person. Simply register them within the VisionX system and set their privileges according to time, area, and/or role. If a non-registered visitor is captured by your connected security cameras or if a registered visitor is present outside their permitted access period, you will automatically be notified.

Secure Entry Screening

Frictionless Recognition

Personalized Visitor Experiences


Why Choose IBT Corp., Ltd

We transform your passive cameras into proactive security surveillance systems for real-time recognition of security threats, authorized personnel, and bad actors. Through ethical machine learning and state-of-the-art privacy controls, IBT helps identify persons of interest, while protecting the identity of bystanders.

Customers of all sizes choose IBT for our accurate, highly scalable, fast recognition, easy to use, affordable platform, powered by our facial recognition neural networks.

Superior Accuracy

Exceptional performance in real-world conditions such as crowds, poor lighting, face coverings, and acute angles.

Lowest Cost of Ownership

Works with your existing camera infrastructure and leverages edge and near-edge options, to dramatically lower total cost of ownership.

Edge Options

Deploy IBT’s Vision AI neural networks inside smart-cameras, near-edge devices and access control systems to automatically identify authorized personnel and bad actors without sacrificing detection quality.

See how IBT can help you enhance physical security