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Vision AI for Manufacturing

Production-ready computer vision solutions equip manufacturers with actionable insights for process optimization and risk reduction.

Plainsight helps manufacturers quickly and easily build and deploy vision AI-powered solutions to predict, analyze, and optimize operational performance, resulting in faster production times, enhanced efficiency, and improved products and processes.

  • Automated product and packaging inspection
  • Precision counting and tracking
  • Defect and foreign object detection
  • QA/QC monitoring and enforcement
  • Real-time safety and productivity monitoring

Realize the full value of your visual data with enterprise vision AI
for hands-off video analytics and automated intelligence.



Vision AI models for product and packaging analysis detect even the most minute defects, ensuring your customers stay safe and your organization continually meets quality standards and adheres to compliance requirements.

Integrate custom models into inspection processes to identify discoloration, punctures, inaccuracies, and other defects that manual monitoring can often miss. Working round the clock, they help manufacturers avoid costly delays, recalls, and shutdowns by enabling proactive risk management and accurate action.



Custom object detection models for counting, monitoring, and tracking provide more accurate counts and greater visibility of items and processes throughout the full production cycle. Manufacturers of all types gain real-time insights into their supply chains with models to enhance products/goods handling in one or across multiple facilities. Insights derived from Plainsight’s models can optimize existing systems and data sources to facilitate operations and provide value as quickly as possible.



Cameras enabled with carefully built vision AI solutions can detect, classify, and track anomalies of all types throughout the entire production process. With AI-powered predictions, organizations can automate alerts to ensure they avoid production delays, recalls, and other costly concerns.

Plainsight’s solutions empower manufacturers from the luxury goods industry to the pharmaceutical sector and beyond to take proactive and predictive action, intervening before defective products, malfunctioning equipment, or foreign objects can slow or stall production.



Models and computer vision monitoring allow for matching visual references to consistently maintain the highest possible quality standards. Instead of relying on manual processes for recognizing and remediating quality concerns, Plainsight customers gain valuable insights in real time and mitigate concerns faster thanks to computer vision monitoring.



Keep facilities safer and more productive by predicting and detecting risk factors and strengthening loss control with proactive visual data analytics.

Plainsight vision AI models monitor worksites and facilities for unsafe behavior, missing personal protective equipment, and potential hazards such as spills, debris, or obstacles. Manufacturers can validate insights and claims while defining risk thresholds and severity measurements to control loss, minimize workforce absence, and make facilities as safe as possible.

The power and efficiency of Plainsight vision AI, can produce impressive results for manufacturers, including:

Gain Visibility Into the Full Production Cycle

A lack of visibility and transparency into any portion of the production cycle can cause trouble later on, for you and your customers.

Monitoring with video cameras, custom models, and edge-based deployment across the entire production cycle can identify and address numerous opportunities to automate, eliminate waste, and otherwise update legacy processes.
Reduce cycle times, minimize batch and lot rejections, gain operational insights in real time, and enable more flexible and adaptable manufacturing processes.

Avoid Costly Shutdowns, Delays, and Recalls

A predictive, data-based monitoring approach can reduce downtime by 36% compared to traditional, manual approaches, according to a 2016 study by Kimberlite.

Remote, round-the-clock monitoring and automated alerts help take a proactive approach to managing damaged equipment, defective products or packaging, and hazards like foreign objects.
Video data collection and Plainsight’s models can trace issues like contamination to their source, identify impacted processes and equipment, and ultimately provide for quick corrective action.

Improve Security and Safety Across Facilities

IBT Corp customers maintain continuous threat and risk monitoring within and around facilities, protecting restricted zones and automatically reporting suspicious or dangerous activity.

Vision AI provides unblinking accuracy and support, enabling automated alerts related to hazards ranging from malfunctioning equipment to spills and debris.
Automate and optimize the process of monitoring for personal protective equipment to keep your workforce safe and reduce downtime related to injuries and other incidents.

Quick, easy vision AI automation. Deploy in days, not months.

Easy Integration

Tap into the value of your existing video cameras and data collection practices. Deploy models and integrate continuous, accurate visual data insights into existing systems to optimize operations and automate reporting.

AI Automation

Virtually monitor, detect, and recognize operational issues before they cause costly delays and shutdowns. Leverage task-specific models that automate processes and get smarter as they collect more visual data.

Smarter Decision-Making

With AI-powered confidence, make immediate and long-term strategic decisions based on insights into facilities and drawn from reliable, scalable, accurate, and consistent video-driven operational analytics.


We’ll help you operationalize vision AI to solve your challenges and create innovative solutions for improving business outcomes.

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