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IBT.eKYC – Fast Authentication

Easy, optimal

IBT.eKYC – A reliable and high-speed smart authentication solution. With advanced technology, IBT.eKYC automatically authenticates customer identity quickly and accurately. Outstanding reliability and high security help prevent the risk of fraud and scams. Discover a reliable, time-saving and superior business value solution with IBT.eKYC.


How IBT Streamlines KYC

Boost CX and conversion rates

Onboard more customers—both remote and onsite—successfully through a seamless, fast, and reliable process powered by advanced document and biometric verification.

Prevent fraud from the get-go

Take advantage of AI-powered cross-checks and make sure fraudsters can’t access your service. Regula performs face matching and analyzes the data from the visual zone, MRZ, RFID chips, barcodes, and holograms for any inconsistencies.

Accept customers from anywhere

Identify your customers with the help of the world’s largest document template database, which contains national IDs, passports, driver’s licenses, and more. Whatever they provide, it can be found among the 12,000+ templates.

Increase operational efficiency

Get rid of time-consuming and error-prone manual registrations. The advanced OCR technology instantly processes embossed, engraved, typed or printed text, and automates entry of over 600 data types.

Scan, Verify, Comply

With Regula SDKs, you can build a fully customized KYC that serves your business needs best. Plus, you’re always in control of your data, as it’s handled on-premises and none of it is transferred to any third parties.

Multi-platform KYC

IBT.eKYC supports authentication of information from various channels, including images, videos, and data from other sources. This allows customers to choose the authentication method that works for them, increasing the flexibility and convenience of authenticating identities from a variety of sources, supporting iOS, Android, API, SDK and webcam platforms.

Convenience & Security

IBT.eKYC brings convenience and security to the information authentication process. Customers can verify their identity quickly and conveniently, and at the same time, personal information is strictly protected to ensure privacy and safety.

Easy to use

IBT.eKYC is designed with a friendly and easy-to-use interface, allowing users to easily and confidently perform the information authentication process.

The authentication steps are simplified and the instructions are clear, so that users who do not need to have in-depth knowledge of technology can still use the service easily.

Absolute reliability – Exceptional speed – Optimal value

IBT.eKYC uses advanced technology to collect personal information from customers through various channels, including images and necessary data. This product can automatically and accurately identify, verify and determine the authenticity of the customer’s personal information.

Auto & Speed

IBT.eKYC has the ability to automatically identify and authenticate customers’ personal information quickly and efficiently. The product has the ability to process a lot of information at the same time, reducing the time and effort that users have to spend in the authentication process.

Accurate & Reliable

IBT.eKYC ensures high accuracy in the information verification process. The product uses advanced recognition algorithms and technologies to ensure the accuracy of the authentication results. This helps to avoid errors and risks that can arise from incorrect authentication.

Flexible & Integrated

IBT.eKYC has the ability to integrate with existing systems of organizations and businesses easily. This allows the product to interact and work with other tools and processes within the organization, creating a seamless and federated information validation process.

IBT.eKYC – The Most Trusted
Authentication Solution Provider

With the goal of serving smart authentication thanks to KYC technology, IBT.eKYC is designed
to help organizations and businesses verify customers’ identities quickly, reliably and conveniently.

Document verification

IBT.eKYC provides the ability to verify and check the validity of personal documents such as ID card, passport automatically and accurately, helping to ensure that the information provided is reliable.

Real people detection

Using advanced identification technology, IBT.eKYC is capable of detecting the signs and expressions of real people to eliminate the risk of using fake images, videos or materials during the authentication process.


IBT.eKYC has the ability to match information and images from many different sources, helping to determine the authenticity of personal information and ensuring that there is no duplication or inconsistency between verified information. before.

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