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Revolutionizing Hospital Access Control: A Triumph with IBT Face-8 and IBT Face-8T Face Recognition Devices at VinMec Timecity Hospital


The dynamic healthcare sector demands innovation that elevates both security and efficiency. VinMec Timecity Hospital embarked on a transformative journey by partnering with IBT Corp., Ltd to deploy an advanced access control solution. Harnessing the cutting-edge capabilities of IBT Face-8 and IBT Face-8T face recognition devices, powered by the CIVAMs system, the hospital ushered in a new era of seamless and secure access management.

Elevating Access Control:

Recognizing the need to enhance its access control measures, VinMec Timecity Hospital turned to IBT Corp., Ltd for a revolutionary solution. Implementing IBT Face-8 and IBT Face-8T face recognition devices, the hospital’s access control system underwent a complete transformation. These devices presented an opportunity to replace traditional methods with contactless face recognition, streamlining access management for staff, doctors, nurses, and patients alike.

Unmatched Convenience and Speed:

The IBT Face-8 and IBT Face-8T devices brought unparalleled convenience and speed to VinMec Timecity Hospital’s daily operations. The touchless nature of face recognition eliminated the need for codes or fingerprints, ensuring swift and hassle-free entry. Doctors, nurses, and patients could seamlessly navigate the premises, enhancing workflow efficiency and reducing congestion at entry points.

Integrated CIVAMs System:

A standout feature of this access control project was the integration of the CIVAMs face recognition system. This sophisticated system not only ensured accurate and reliable face recognition but also centralized access management. Hospital administrators gained real-time insights into staff movements, allowing for precise control over authorized personnel. This heightened level of security translated into a safer environment for patients and staff.

Enhanced Security and Hygiene:

Security and hygiene took center stage in the wake of global health concerns. The IBT Face-8 and IBT Face-8T devices played a pivotal role in addressing both aspects. Touchless face recognition not only fortified security by thwarting unauthorized access but also contributed to minimizing physical contact. This dual impact promoted a safer environment, aligning with the hospital’s commitment to patient and staff well-being.

Empowering Patient Experience:

VinMec Timecity Hospital’s patient-centric approach was further empowered by the face recognition solution. Patients gained autonomy to access designated areas without relying on staff assistance. This newfound independence translated into an improved patient experience, where seamless movement across the hospital premises complemented the quality medical care the institution is known for.

Seamless Implementation and Positive Impact:

The integration of IBT Face-8 and IBT Face-8T devices was seamlessly executed, avoiding disruptions to the hospital’s ongoing operations. The positive impact was felt across the hospital community, garnering enthusiastic feedback from staff and patients alike. Enhanced security, streamlined workflows, and improved patient experiences echoed the success of the access control project.

A Blueprint for Healthcare Transformation:

VinMec Timecity Hospital’s initiative stands as a beacon for healthcare facilities worldwide. The project highlights the potential of innovative technology in reshaping access control, amplifying security, and enhancing operational efficiency. This transformative partnership between IBT Corp., Ltd and VinMec Timecity Hospital sets a precedent for a technologically advanced and patient-centered future in healthcare.

VinMec Timecity Hospital’s forward-thinking approach to access control, powered by IBT Face-8 and IBT Face-8T face recognition devices integrated with the CIVAMs system, redefines security and efficiency in healthcare. With a focus on touchless access, centralized management, and improved patient experience, the hospital sets a remarkable example for the industry. This collaboration exemplifies the potential of technology to reshape healthcare practices, ensuring a safer, smoother, and more patient-focused environment for all.


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August 31, 2023

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